The tariff rate on many U.S. goods sold in Colombia has gone down dramatically since the trade agreement took effect.

The U.S.-Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement – commonly called the “Colombia TPA” – took effect one year ago on May 15, 2012.

Prior to the TPA’s entry into force, the average Colombian tariff rate on U.S. industrial goods was higher than 10 percent. Today, the average Colombian tariff on these goods has fallen to only 3.4 percent.

United States Trade Representative Ron Kirk Signs Agreement on Trade and Economic Cooperation to Promote American Exports to Brazil

A Guide for Online Retailers to Manage Operations, Inventory, and Payment Issues

Selling globally from your e-commerce site is more complex than domestic sales, but there are huge rewards for opening your site to the 95 percent of the world’s population that lives outside the United States.

The Office of Intellectual Property Rights (OIPR), within the U.S. Department of Commerce's International Trade Administration, helps U.S. companies to protect and enforce their intellectual property rights (IPR) in foreign markets.

Largest Increase in Industry Output in More Than Six Years

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Department of Commerce recently announced that real U.S. travel and tourism output (adjusted for changes in price) increased at an annual rate of 8 percent during the third quarter of 2010, marking the largest quarterly increase in U.S. travel and tourism spending since the first quarter of 2004. By comparison, real gross domestic product (GDP) increased 2.6 percent during third quarter of 2010.

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